We are all about nurturing resilient, compassionate and curious little humans who are connected to each other, their community and country. 

Children are amazing and I believe they are more capable than we give them credit for, that they are citizens who should be valued and that childhood is a gift that should be celebrated before it is gone.

This is the time for children to learn about themselves and the world around them and most importantly, how to build relationships amongst their peers, their community and with nature Children are born ready to explore, they are naturally curious learners and we need to make sure we don’t create barriers but appropriately support them in this endeavour.

We have become so risk averse and concerned about safeguarding our children’s future that we forget that it is theirs to create. Our role should be to provide a caring, safe and nurturing environment where they can feel confident and supported and to instil in them the values to become empathetic and compassionate fellow humans that we’d like to spend time with. 

Let’s stop worrying about what children will be when they grow up, rather let’s value them for who they are now.  If we have learnt one thing in recent times, it’s that the future is uncertain, so we should let go of traditional expectations for our children’s future and instead give them the tools to be ready for anything.

And what tools will they need? We all likely instinctively know it, but the W.H.O. has put it in black and white for us, future generations will need: resilience, confidence, creativity, problem solving capabilities, cognitive flexibility, risk judgement and conflict resolution. The good news is that we don’t need to do anything particularly fancy to help children develop these capabilities, research clearly shows that the best thing we can do is step back, give them space and let them be children. 

So pack the gum boots and be prepared to greet very happy and likely very dirty little people who will want to tell you about how high they managed to climb up the tree, what animals they saw and what the weather was like.

Come and join the community where childhood is celebrated.