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Aug playgroups

Partnering with DeadlyEd for our series of playgroups in August. Come and connect with the beautiful Gadigal and Bidjigal lands of Centennial Parklands. BOOK NOW.

Connecting Children with Nature & Community

Hey fellow nature explorers! So as we start building the operational plans for our nature kindergarten (long day care centre), we’d love to get your feedback on some of the elements.


Sydney Nature Kindy August playgroups

My two girls (3 years and 11 months old) LOVED nature kindy. For all of us it invited us to take a moment to live in the world of insects and spiders up close, magnifying glasses at the ready, and to look high and beyond at the trees, flying foxes and birds high in the sky.

Julia Chapman

Harrison who is usually a million miles and hour and rarely stays in one place for more than a minute settled into the nature play group and especially loved collecting specimens, balancing and walking on huge tree trunks and climbing and swinging from ropes in the trees. The mums even relaxed into all nature has to offer and enjoyed the tranquil nature of the group!

Renee Fortunato


We believe in our educators and have a deep respect for the incredibly important role they play in our little people’s lives.

If you are an educator, or considering becoming one, and are interested in working with us then we’d love to hear from you!

You will need to have a great love of being outdoors as you will be spending most of your time there! And you will need to have a great respect of and belief in the capacity and capabilities of our little people.

If this is you, please click the big green button below, we’d love to chat!